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Posted by on Nov 26, 2013 in Pubs | 0 comments

The Mitre Tavern

The Mitre Tavern

The Mitre is a wonderfully dated classic old man’s boozer that’s hidden away just off London Road. If it weren’t for the large flat screen TV showing football you could easily imagine you’ve stepped back straight into the 70s once inside and that’s something I consider a big plus point. There’s a cosy little snug room round the back and the bar can be accessed from both sides. The main room hosts the working men sat at bar stools with one eye on the telly whilst the snug can fit about ten people, at a push, around its three small tables in a space that feels like the front room at your grandparents’ house.

The decor suggests this place hasn’t been updated since the 70s and it’s quite refreshing to find this in our thriving modern city full of chain pubs and trendy bars. It’s somewhat of a dying breed and for this reason should be preserved at all costs. Even its website is from a bygone era (see it here).

Proudly tied to Sussex’s oldest and largest brewery, Harveys, you’ve got a choice of ales on the six hand pumps and the usual selection of lagers. When I visited they had the standard Harveys Sussex Best alongside the Winter favourite Harveys Old Ale and both were obviously kept very well. In such a relic of a pub it seems almost a shame that they had fizzy lagers on tap alongside the fine beers from up the road in Lewes but I guess they can’t really afford not to offer customers a choice in this regard.

Mitre Tavern Snug Room

As far as entertainment goes I’ve already mentioned there’s a TV at the back of the main room which shows sports, but they also provide a selection of board games which would lend themselves nicely to the cosy little snug at the back. The selection isn’t as extensive as some pubs, but you’ve got the basics like chess, dominoes and backgammon.

Food isn’t offered and nor is wi-fi, which is befitting of the Mitre’s backstreet bare bones feel. This is a traditional British pub for drinking in, no more no less, and I think it should be admired for this. Sometimes all you want is a good pint of beer in a working man’s pub with no pretensions and if that’s what you’re after then this is a pub that delivers.

At a glance

Food? No
Free Wi-Fi? No
Drinks promos? No
Children welcome? Daytime only
Fruit/quiz machines? No
Bar games? Small selection of board games
Garden? No

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