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Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Pubs | 0 comments

The Lion & Lobster

The Lion & Lobster

A true Brighton institution, the Lion & Lobster is known to Brightonians far and wide as the pub that has it all, because frankly, it does. You’ve got multiple levels, you’ve got cosy indoor nooks, you’ve got TWO sun trap sun terraces, you’ve got a fine selection of well kept ales, you’ve got TV sports, you’ve got TWO menus of excellent quality pub food, you’ve got an open fire AND it even has a restaurant.

Yes that’s right, you can find ALL of the above contained within the four walls of this incredibly popular pub that near enough straddles the border between Brighton and Hove, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that as a Jack of all trades it would be master of none. You’d be wrong however. In all of the areas I’ve listed above it could legitimately stake a claim to being one of Brighton’s best in that category. The food is top drawer, the outdoor space is among the best spots for sun kissed beers anywhere in the centre of the city (and you can even get served without heading back inside), the catering to sports fans is perfectly balanced with showcase events (World Cups) taking over whilst lesser sporting day to day games unobtrusively play away in the background, and they’ve got their beer selection spot on (you’ll always find Dark Star and Harveys on tap, which, to this reviewer, is very much the gold standard for running a bar).

Being such a versatile pub it won’t surprise you to learn that it draws a crowd, regularly. In fact if you turn up off the cuff of a Sunday afternoon in the hope of devouring one of their (massive) roasts your odds sit somewhere between highly unlikely and fat chance. But what’s nice about its hustle and bustle is that its slightly off the beaten track location means it’s almost exclusively locals and those in the know who are enjoying its many charms, as the tourists simply wouldn’t naturally come across The Lion and Lobster unless they were looking for it.

Back in 2014 the pub made headlines after it was sold for an eye-watering £4.5 million, making it the city’s most expensive public house, but even at such a gobstopping valuation you get the impression its new owners got a good deal. It is one of those rare pubs that manages to satisfy folk from all walks of life whilst retaining a true charm and individuality that endears it to everyone who has the pleasure of experiencing it. It is distinctive and quirky, yet offers true mass appeal, and for that I salute it. An absolute gem in Brighton’s pub crown.

At a glance

Food? Yes, traditional British plus bar snacks
Free Wi-Fi? Yes
Drinks promos? No
Children welcome? Until 8pm
Fruit/quiz machines? No
Bar games? No
Garden? Yes, two levels of terrace
Website? Click here
Twitter? @lionandlobster


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